Mrs Lesley S Robinson

Re: Icynene spray to rafters; Red coating to roof tiles exterior

Now that the dust from all your busy work has settled around my bungalow, I thought I would write to you to let you know how pleased I am with everything you have done for me. To demonstrate the efficiency of Icynene, my monthly DDR payments to my energy suppliers have already been reduced by £54.00! This is incredible, isn’t it? First Utility applied the change immediately after I submitted my monthly meter reads, so it shows how dramatic the drop in my energy usage has already been.

The red tile coating looks magnificent and I could not be happier with the depth of colour. Having learned a lot from Peter your surveyor, I believe that insulation is a subject that is not discussed as much as it should be, and I wish your wonderful, caring company much success in the coming years in getting your message out to as many people as possible.

Thank you so much for the infrared heated floor covering. It was such a lovely and unusual surprise! It’s in the kitchen where I stand on it in the morning to make my tea – and think of you!

Please also thank the amazing young workmen who did the cleaning and spraying. Without their sheer strength, agility and admirable work ethic, nothing would be done. Please look after them.

Yours very sincerely,

Lesley S Robinson

Mr & Mrs Manser

I would like to thank you for the work you carried out, viz the cleaning and anti-fungal treatment, on the roof of our bungalow. The roof was very unsightly with extensive moss growth which washed down every time we had heavy rain.

The roof now looks like new and has considerably improved the appearance of the house.

Your staff were very efficient and pleasant at all times. The garden and bungalow surrounds were left spotless.

We thoroughly recommend your company and will do so any time we’re asked.

Robert & Linda Park

We confirm that the Icynene insulation and associated membrane fitting has been completed to our satisfaction on Wednesday 28th June, according to the contract 1334 dated 15th May. We were very pleased with the efficiency and speed of your operatives, Mark and Jason. The work was completed by lam and they left everything neat and tidy.  We shall be happy to send a fuller letter of recommendation in the near future. With thanks and regards, Yours sincerely, -Robert and Linda Park

Gill & John Symonds

We want to say how pleased we are with the recent Icynene loft insulation we have had installed. It is early days yet to know exactly what difference this will make to our energy bills but we are sure that we will notice a big difference. Your staff from Peter the surveyor, to the ones who came to do the job, were efficient and polite, and the job was done in no time at all taking care and consideration for our property. We would have no hesitation recommending your company to friends and family. Thank you for a job well done. Kind regards -Gill and John Symonds

John Mansfield

I am writing to thank you for the loft insulation installed in my house on 19 October 2016. For some time, I had been aware that the fibreglass insulation laid down by the builders of the house in 1972 was only just adequate and not up to modern standards but I hesitated to have any work done because of the bother and upset of clearing out the loft and removing the flooring (which I had installed in moving into the house when it was new). So when the process of inserting foam between the rafters was explained to me it became very attractive: the roofing felt was in danger of needing replacement, which would not be necessary with the new foam, and the flooring would not have to be lifted. I was even offered assistance in preparing the loft (moving things stored there) before the foam was applied. The application itself went very smoothly and the installers tidied the house up afterwards in an exemplary manner. I have not been able to judge exactly how much I have saved in heating costs over the last 2 h months but I am sure that it has been significant. With all good wishes for the New Year, – John Mansfield

Bishop John Dennis

I note, somewhat to my horror, that four months have passed since your firm came and insulated our roof here for us. I promised to write to you to say how we were getting on„ and maybe it is good that there has been a delay, for us more truly to experience the results I can say at once that we, both my wife and myself, are totally delighted with the result. We have not yet experienced the full weight of winter weather of course, but given the experience we have already had, we are very confident that the house will be very much warmer now. Icynene is an excellent insulation for an attic such as ours sticking firmly to the inside of the roof and the roof timbers and leaving the floorspace untouched. You asked me to mention my son, Hugh Dennis (BBC etc). He too seems pleased to see his parents warm and comfortable. His own home is not in need of such work I am afraid, but I hope that you find a lot of other people whose homes are and that your custom expands widely. As a footnote the workmen who came to install the insulation were reliable, co -operative and efficient. We are grateful to them too. With warmest good wishes, -Bishop John Dennis

John G Carruthers

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to have my Loft insulated. Your very efficient team arrived about 09.00am and were finished by 11.55am which also included taking away the old Fibre Glass insulation. I now find my house a much warmer place and, I am not hit by a blast of cold air when I open the loft hatch. I have to say that I am very pleased with the result and must tell you that the two young men doing the job were very polite and a pleasure to meet, they even hoovered my stairs. It’s a Well-Done Prize Home Products Ltd from me. – John G Carruthers

Martin Franks

I am writing to let you know how the installation of Icynene loft insulation went last week. When your surveyor came and explained what you proposed to do to cure my loft problems I was impressed but a little sceptical about how effective it would be. so as a retired scientist I did some research on the internet. What I found there was positive so I decided to go ahead with the installation. Your installation team were polite and efficient, they laid dust sheets to protect the hall and stairs although there was no dirt or dust produced by the installation which was clean and unobtrusive, they left the house as they found it, except for the loft of course which no longer has a wind whistling through it. The difference to the loft space is dramatic no longer a draughty place not fit for anything, now it is a snug area ideal for storage. Although it is too soon to know what effect it will have on our heating bills I am confident they will be significantly lower. I am also sure that having this done now has saved us from costly roof repairs in the future and increased the value of the house when we come to sell. Please thank everyone involved for a professional job done with care and efficiency.

Seasonal tips

Here are some seasonal tips to help you keep your heating bills down this winter, starting with the most obvious one:

1. Keep doors and windows closed and make sure when they are open it’s for the shortest time possible. You may have the latest boiler and top quality double glazing but it only takes a few moments with a door or window unnecessarily open to lose valuable, paid for heat.

2. Turn the thermostat down a degree or two. You won’t notice the difference but that will be a little energy saved every day, and over the course of the winter it will amount to a significant saving.

3. When you make a cup of tea or coffee, only boil the water you need, don’t fill it up and leave the rest to cool down again. (I’m sure we’ve all done it!)

4. Check that the fridge and freezer are not turned down to an unnecessarily low temperature. Excessively low temperatures will only increase you bills without any benefit to the safety of your food.

5. Check that your loft insulation is adequate. If you’ve had a plumber or an electrician up there to do any work, has he replaced all the insulation correctly? It’s very easy to leave areas of the loft exposed and lose heat. The old type of glass fibre or Rockwool insulation is very unpleasant (and can be unhealthy) to work with, so if you’r not sure about it and you don’t fancy crawling around up there, give us a call to see if you qualify for a free inspection.