Bishop John Dennis

I note, somewhat to my horror, that four months have passed since your firm came and insulated our roof here for us. I promised to write to you to say how we were getting on„ and maybe it is good that there has been a delay, for us more truly to experience the results I can say at once that we, both my wife and myself, are totally delighted with the result. We have not yet experienced the full weight of winter weather of course, but given the experience we have already had, we are very confident that the house will be very much warmer now. Icynene is an excellent insulation for an attic such as ours sticking firmly to the inside of the roof and the roof timbers and leaving the floorspace untouched. You asked me to mention my son, Hugh Dennis (BBC etc). He too seems pleased to see his parents warm and comfortable. His own home is not in need of such work I am afraid, but I hope that you find a lot of other people whose homes are and that your custom expands widely. As a footnote the workmen who came to install the insulation were reliable, co -operative and efficient. We are grateful to them too. With warmest good wishes, -Bishop John Dennis