John Mansfield

I am writing to thank you for the loft insulation installed in my house on 19 October 2016. For some time, I had been aware that the fibreglass insulation laid down by the builders of the house in 1972 was only just adequate and not up to modern standards but I hesitated to have any work done because of the bother and upset of clearing out the loft and removing the flooring (which I had installed in moving into the house when it was new). So when the process of inserting foam between the rafters was explained to me it became very attractive: the roofing felt was in danger of needing replacement, which would not be necessary with the new foam, and the flooring would not have to be lifted. I was even offered assistance in preparing the loft (moving things stored there) before the foam was applied. The application itself went very smoothly and the installers tidied the house up afterwards in an exemplary manner. I have not been able to judge exactly how much I have saved in heating costs over the last 2 h months but I am sure that it has been significant. With all good wishes for the New Year, – John Mansfield