Cavity Wall Insulation

Prize Home Products can carry out the extraction of old cavity wall insulation that has been incorrectly installed or is causing problems and replace it with cutting edge technology to give your home the ultimate in insulation effectiveness.

Certain types of insulation, such as blown fibres, wools, and urea formaldehyde foam, can pose problems when they become wet, reach the end of their usefulness, or are installed incorrectly.

When moisture is present, it can become trapped within the cavity and migrate to the inner walls, leading to issues like dampness and mould.

There are several reasons why you might consider replacing your cavity wall insulation:

  1. Cold or damp spots caused by incorrectly installed insulation within the building structure.
  2. Defective insulation that needs to be addressed.
  3. Moisture accumulation due to inadequate property maintenance.
  4. Wet insulation resulting from flooding or fire damage.
  5. Roof leaks or faulty guttering contributing to the problem.

Our experienced team of cavity wall insulation removers can provide expert advice on the best options for extracting your old insulation and installing new, highly efficient insulation. This not only helps you save money and reduce energy usage but also eliminates any potential damp issues you may be facing.

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