Not the most glamorous part of your home but nevertheless one that needs attention from time to time. As well as causing problems with damp if gutters and drainpipes become clogged or overflow, they can detract from the overall appearance of the house. Sagging, leaking or dirty gutters and downpipes give your home a down at heel look and give the impression the property is not well maintained.

If your property look like it needs a bit of attention in this area, give us a call for a no-obligation quote. Our reputation is second to none and our green sign is a familiar site. The picture below shows a very neat job on a larger , overhanging roof where the angles are beautifully matched up.

The two pictures below show the attention to detail of finish on the fascia box ends: the one on the right is how we do it with a clean finish, minimum joins and no fixings visible; the one on the left is how it looks when not done properly, with many joins and nails visible. Which one would you prefer for your home?

As you can see, the one on the left is the way some installers will finish the job using off-cuts. This leaves an untidy finish with many joins and nails visible. At Prize we prefer to finish the job neatly so the box end is made from one piece. This means no messy joins and the nails are invisible.

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