Solar PV

Solar PV

Have you checked what it could do for you?

With the latest electricity price hikes and more due in April, it’s never been more important to keep your energy costs down. Recent developments in solar technology have made the investment much more affordable and payback times are now shorter than ever.

Inverter technology has improved meaning many properties that weren’t feasible ten years ago because of shading can now benefit from solar power to reduce their energy costs. Returns on savings and bank deposits are historically low meaning investment in solar now makes more sense than ever.

The rush to solar means that delays in delivery and installation will be inevitable, so getting in early is paramount.

Prize Home Products Ltd, with its outstanding reputation for quality and customer service, are proud to introduce our solar product to the Dorset area. One thing you can be sure of with Prize is first-class customer service, this is what our reputation is built on. So when you call on Prize, you know you are getting a top quality product, top class service and a realistic, competitive price.

As the scheduled price rises come into effect bills will continue to climb throughout the winter months so now’s a great time to get a quote for solar and start saving money on your bills for years to come.

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